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Beautiful (free) music video visualizers.

Join our Free-Forever music distribution platform to create your custom music video.

The best way to get a professional music video for free.

Every one of your releases deserves a music video to go along with it. Instead of paying tons or spending countless hours you can get one instantly as you use our free-forever platform.

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It's easy to get started with Boost Collective:

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1) Make a free Boost Collective account.

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2) Distribute a new or existing release.

With Boost Collective, you get unlimited free music distribution to 150+ platforms and stores.

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3) Unlock access to everything!

You’ll earn credits whenever you distribute through Boost Collective. 


Credits can be used on playlist promotion to mastering and beyond - all for free.

The Best Free Music Visualizer Online Tool.

There are loads of music visualizer tools you can choose from. And there are all kinds of different feature sets that are optimized for different needs. But when it comes to completely free music visualizers, your options are drastically limited.

Usually the free music visualization software lets you export your video in low quality (360p or less) or with a watermark, essentially making it worthless for professional use.

Another common limitation is that the visual effects or editing features are limited. A lot of these free tools also tend to only be free for the first video - after which you'll need to pay up.

That's not the case with Boost Collective. We're the only free music visualizer online tool that is entirely free while giving you zero limitations.

Choose from upload your audio tracks, apply magic music visuals, leverage stock footage or add cover art, select your preferred template and watch your video frame move to your audio music!

You'll then be able to export your video. Finally, a music visualizer that can do it all - and entirely free, without limitations. It’s easy to make a music video on your own.

Is There an App?

Boost Collective's music visualizer is an entirely online music visualizer. It works on your phone or desktop.

All you need is a free account to create unlimited music visualizer videos without cost. You won't need to download a mobile app, PC application, or anything of the sort.

No more worrying about if there is an IOS version or Android version, You can get your audio visualizer using any device with Boost Collective!

Create Professional Music Videos.

The main point why you want music visualization is to be able to share your music in a professional way on your Youtube channel, social media platforms,

The Best Music Visualization For Your Music Track and Youtube Channel.

Why are we so confident Boost Collective is one of the best music visualization apps? Is it the magic music visuals? The multi touch interactive visuals? The wide range of audio spectrums?

The beautiful templates creating gorgeous animated imagery that stands out from the rest? It's all those things, and more. The app helps you make the sometimes hard task of making an audio visualizer and without any costs or limitations.

An audio track is best accompanied with a music visualizer. Especially when making a live-action video for your release can cost hundreds, or thousands of dollars, It's a no-brainer to use Boost Collective to configure a free music visualizer and get your video files in minutes.

Audio visualizations are becoming more relevant, with the rise of Spotify Canvas and similar functionalities coming to Apple Music soon, presumably.

Music Visualizer Templates

Boost Collective is a popular template-based music visualizer. As you enter their website, you’ll find a gallery of pre-designed templates: circle spectrum, bar visualizer, audio waves, and more.

Select any template and click around if you want to test the app without having to start a new visual from scratch.

Depending on the template you’ve selected, you can customize your animation. For instance, if you’ve applied the circle spectrum template, you can adjust the background, spectrum type, color theme, and other parameters.

This makes things not only easy for you to use, it saves you time!

Simple And Intuitive to Use

And this is one of the best parts of Boost Collective's music visualizer. Since it's made entirely for music artists, it't streamlined and simplified to give you the easiest and most intuitive experience possible.

You can work with animated text objects, spectrums, images, and effects. The most outstanding features are the sound waves, built in media player, online editor, and the audio spectrum feature sets.

You'll be able to create a video and have it configured in minutes.

In-Depth Online Music Visualizer Tool To Save You Time.

Video editing is hard, costs lots of time and money, and not worth it. Then there are lots of options online that will only waste your time - you'll spend time making a custom video, only to see it costs money to export it. 

With Boost Collective, you get the best of both worlds. Custom fonts, sound waves that move to the frequency spectrum, easy and speedy download ability, and more.

Simply upload your favorite songs to our online visualization software, add any extra images, and export! Your song will now have a gorgeous video to go along with it, perfect for Youtube or any of the many social media sites.

No Watermark, Entirely Free, With All Features Unlocked.

No limits. no credit card info needed. No limited free version. No watermark. Simply make a free account with Boost Collective, simply upload your audio files, pick from visualization templates, create visuals and then export videos! 

The days of video editing on your own are over!. We support all popular audio formats so you can export your video visualizer without the need of any technical skills. 

It's clear that Boost Collective has the best music visualizer app of any platform for music artists!

How To Make a Video Visualizer With Boost Collective

To get started, you'll need to make a free Boost Collective account. This not only unlocks the music visualizer feature, but everything else Boost Collective has to offer music artists, such as music distribution, playlist promotion, mastering and more.

Once you've made an account, you'll be able to upload your track. Next, the app will ask you to select the range for visualization and the output video size.

However, the most exciting part starts at the customization step. This is where you can select the waveform style, add a background image and text.

Once you’re ready, you'll be able to export your video in MP4 format. And that's it! Easier than A,B,C,1,2,3!

Paid vs. Free Music Visualizers

Boost Collective is a popular content creation platform for non-techies who need marketing visuals and have zero design skills. A large part of that content creation toolkit is a video maker that allows is solely designed to help music artists create music visualizations.

Should you need a visualizer tool that is aimed to help you for podcasts, school or work, there are many different paid and free options to help you do just that.

RenderForest - Great For School and Work, Not so Much For Music Artists

RenderForest has a great platform. The free version allows you to export 360p videos for up to 3 minutes with a watermark. The upgrade system is very flexible though: you can pay just for a single export, a subscription, an HD quality, or a custom watermark.

In other words, Renderforest utilizes the pay-for-what-you-use system and it seems fair, especially if your project is a one-off and you’re hesitant about getting a subscription. The lowest price for exporting a single video without a watermark is $9.

Limitations in the number of exports is also common. It’s hard to call the Specterr templates somewhat unique, yet it can boast about quite a few customization controls that allow you to turn your music beat into a truly unique video.

For instance, one cute detail missing from most music visualizers on the list is the ability to create depth by adding particles to the video.

When finished, you can either save your project in the cloud or export it to your desktop. At this point, you’ll be prompted to sign up and create an account. The price tag for using Specter is higher than what similar tools ask for.

The free plan includes 2 watermarked videos per day with a duration of up to 5 minutes. If you want to download a single video without a watermark, you can do it for €11.99 (720p) or €15.99 (1080p).

Otherwise, you’ll have to select a subscription plan. For a fee, Specterr offers two options: 4 high-quality videos for €20 per month, or an unlimited number of videos for €60 per month.

The downside is that RenderForest isn't aimed at music artists - and they are then just roped into a more generic software made for everyone.

Music artists tend to prefer free options, more music-oriented templates, and the ability to create and export music visualizer videos in full HD quality and no watermarks, without having to pay anything. That's where Boost Collective steps in!

Great For Social Media Sharing

Music visualizer videos are great for social media posts as well. Namely, once you have a video export made for Youtube, it's easy to splice it up and post a snippet on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok to engage with and excite your fans for an upcoming release.

The best music visualizer tools like Boost Collective let you export an audio visualizer that is optimized for platforms other than Youtube, like Instagram or Instagram Reels.

Choose a music visualizer that works for you

There are tons of music visualization tools on the market. There are lots of comparison articles that just scratch the surface trying to find free or affordable tools for those on the budget.

Knowing which of the many best music visualizers is best for you won't come easy

At their core, most apps are nearly the same: they do the job and allow you to create beautiful music videos without being a video editing pro. At the end of the day, your choice will depend on three questions:

  • whether you prefer a cloud-based solution or a desktop app;

  • whether you want to have full customization freedom or you can make do with a pre-designed template;

  • and whether you’re ready to pay for unwatermarked videos or not.

Finally, it’s also important that you like the way the app looks and feels. The best part about Boost Collective's music visualizer tool is that it's part of a wider platform built for music artists.

More Than Just Music Visualizers

Not only do you get entirely free music visualization abilities, you're actually getting music distribution, playlist promotion music mastering, Spotify Canvas creation, and so much more.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on our no-limits, restriction-less, entirely cost-free music visualizer tool and see why music artists prefer Boost Collective for their music visualizers today.

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