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Access our $50,000 Music Promotion Fund

Join our free-forever music distribution platform to access our $50,000 fund and grow your exposure:

Why Choose Boost Collective?

1) No-compromise free distribution that ticks all the boxes.

Boost Collective music distribution.jpg
  • Distribute to 150+ stores worldwide

  • Release in as little as 2 days

  • Release unlimited songs/albums

  • Keep 100% of your royalties

  • 100% ownership of your masters

  • No limits, fees or upgrades

  • Pre-order and splits functionality

2) Forget about paying for music promotion. Get on playlists for free.


3) Access tools like the cover art maker, music video maker & more - all for free.


4) Did we mention comprehensive analytics and splits?


“Distributing your music should be as easy and free as uploading a Youtube video - and Boost Collective is exactly that.”


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